Learn About Light Therapy

Benefits of Polychromatic Light Therapy

Light is an essential nutrient for life and all healing processes. Research evidence suggests photon energy (light) may be a necessary ingredient in the treatment of traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebrovascular dementia, peripheral neuropathy, and chronic non-healing wound recovery. We are only scratching the surface of the uses and benefits of this non-toxic, non-invasive and generally recognized as safe therapy for health restoration and optimization.

Typical Uses for Light Therapy

Unlike other approaches, light therapy allows you to take control of your own health and wellness without the use of drugs. These are just a few of the conditions that light therapy can support.

Increased circulation
Arthritis pain & restricted movement
Bone spurs
Plantar Fasciitis
Bone fractures
​Carpal tunnel syndrome

Golfer’s/tennis elbow
Non-healing wounds
Reduced inflammation
Peripheral neuropathy
General pain relief
​Pressure ulcers

Skin rejuvenation
Sleep disorders
Optimal health & wellness

What is Polychromatic Light Therapy (PLT)?

​Polychromatic light therapy (PLT) is the simultaneous use of two or more wavelengths of light (colour) provided from light emitting diodes (LEDs). Researchers call the biological effects of PLT photobiomodulation (PBM).

PLT delivered via light emitting diodes at various wavelengths penetrates tissue to different depths and is naturally absorbed by the cells to assist in the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), energy required for cell repair and regeneration. Researchers hypothesize the unique benefit of polychromatic light is the synergistic effect of infrared (IR) with either blue or red allowing both colours to penetrate tissue more deeply than in a monochromatic application. PLT energy application also facilitates the release of nitric oxide (NO), considered the “miracle molecule” of the human body and the body’s natural vasodilator, supporting the body with improved circulation. Improved circulation (blood flow) is one of the most vital components of the healing process.

Light, whether from the sun or from technology, is absorbed by the skin and triggers at least 24 beneficial biological changes at the cellular level. These changes are unique to PBM, that is, unmatched by any other medical intervention. PLT LED light energy is a valuable tool in restoring and improving health and vitality.

How Does Polychromatic Light Therapy Work?

The key to understanding how polychromatic light therapy works is called photobiomodulation.

PHOTO (light) – BIO (biology) – MODULATION (change)

Every mammalian cell is built with specialized photo acceptors to receive light. Our cells actually require light for optimal function, which means our bodies need light for optimal health. The body understands pulsed light as an instruction set triggering the release of nitric oxide (NO) and signalling the cell to produce anti-inflammatory and restorative proteins. Most notably, the Noble Prize winning signalling molecule nitric oxide (NO) is released with polychromatic light therapy.

Come to the Light

Polychromatic light therapy can dramatically improve your personal wellbeing and quality of life with our painless, relaxing and effective process. Give Inner Wellness a call, schedule an appointment and experience the restorative power of light today.