Frequently Asked Questions

What is light therapy?

Low level light therapy (LLLT) stimulates the process called: photobiomodulation (PBM).  PBM triggers the release of nitric oxide (NO) the “miracle molecule” of the human body. Nitric oxide not only results in increased vasodilatation which brings increased healing oxygen and glucose to tissue, it also triggers various cellular processes to create health restoring and anti-inflammatory proteins. This vasodilation increases local circulation. Scientific effects of increased circulation include:​​

  • Cell stimulation that leads to pain relief and tissue healing
  • Improved muscle performance and mental clarity
  • Decreased swelling from injuries
  • Detoxifying effects

What is the difference between red, blue, and infrared light?

Every LED colour has a different wavelength. Just as our cells know how to use different wavelengths from the sun our cells are built to absorb these 3 colours and use them each for different benefits.

  • Blue light  – Contains antimicrobial properties, making it useful for acne care and wound healing.
  • Red light – Triggers an increase in circulation to enhance collagen and elastin production.
  • Infrared light – Reaches deeper tissues like muscle, tendons, ligaments and bone.
  • Various combinations of these three lights create low level polychromatic light therapy.

What is 'polychromatic' light therapy?

Polychromatic light therapy is the simultaneous use of more than one light wavelength, or colour.

What does light therapy do to the body?

Polychromatic light therapy (the simultaneous application of 2 or more colours) triggers photobiomodulation, which increases circulation and stimulates the body’s natural healing processes.

Why are there only three wavelengths used?

​While the sun’s light is “full spectrum” and essential for life, the bulk of current medical research is focused on the wide range of wavelengths within the red, blue and infrared spectrums.

Are there any side-effects?

Polychromatic light therapy is an all natural therapy with no known side-effects.

Does it hurt?

No. It is a gentle, non-invasive, and painless therapy.

Come to the Light

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